MSI gaming console with AMD Ryzen 7 5700G introduced

 Buyers will also have access to proprietary gamepads inspired by the Xbox

Micro Star International (MSI) has officially announced a new gaming console MAG Trident S, which is equipped with a hybrid processor (APU) made by AMD.

The famous Taiwanese electronics manufacturer has published the first image of the new console, as well as shared some characteristics of the device. MAG Trident S console will be based on the eight-core AMD Ryzen 7 5700G processor.

The console will be quite compact, and its volume will be only 2.6 liters. USB-A and USB-C connectors are clearly visible on the front, as well as headphone and microphone jacks. Another notable feature includes support for up to 3 monitors simultaneously.

MAG Trident S

The console will not have a discrete graphics card, but it will be able to play popular online games, including CS: GO, Valorant, DOTA 2 and others. And full AAA games, according to the manufacturer, will be able to run via streaming game services. Also, buyers will be available branded gamepads, emulated from the Xbox.

Price and release date have not yet been announced.

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