Tablet UI Concepts

Tablet UI ConceptsGoogle is designing new operating system is its upcoming Chrome OS, it is being developed with an increasing funding to target netbook consumer market. In addition, the Google is also creating another version which will be implemented on other tablets and PC’s. Google has discussed some of the information on the Chromium Website regarding the working process on the tablets and PCs when developed.

HTC, the manufacturer of mobile technology, is seeking to join hands with Google to build new line of branded tablet PC’s which will be running Chrome OS.

According to the reports the Google Chrome will be enhanced in its usage and efficiency for users by only clicking on the tabs. It will be displayed from 5 – 10 inches screens, with optimized touch UI on the whole screen, with might be only operated with tabs instead of separate windows. In addition to this, there will be more dynamic features of multiple touch functions by dragging motions upward.

Google says that the UI will be “ideal for portrait devices” and the toolbar will be designed to “auto-hidden to have full-screen view” hence, the tabs shift to one side of the screen, if using the device in landscape mode.

It will be working in a series of actions using the fingers like 1 finger for pointing, 2 fingers for scrolling, and so on. You can read the further details on the website. The bottom line is this that there will be a lot of functions which will be operating with hands only. A little training might be required in order to understand the usage and to gain full accessibility and fluency while working on this great product.

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