Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Wii Music, Singstar and many other music games are inspiring kid to learn and play real music instruments, a new study says.

Youth Music, which is the largest music charity in UK, funded for the study that finds 2.5m kid in UK have got real musical instruments after playing the virtual instruments available in these games.

The study shows that nearly 19% Kids in UK seemed so much inspired with these music games that they picked a real guitar or other musical instrument.

Andrew Missingham, a music industry expert, says: “Different music games are inclusive and quite friendlier to families and that’s why they are getting such popularity.”

Youth Music’s CEO Christina Coker says: “We have found that there is a lot of potential audience for these new music makers and players who are playing musical games.

“Now just like us many others in the music community are trying to capitalise that interest and backing those young kids who taking up real musical instruments. But it is also needed to incorporate gaming music with traditional music education.”

Music is a food to soul and kids often have a pure, untainted soul that can be easily inspired with this food, but the problem with the kids is that they do not remain kids for long.

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