Now MySpace users will be able to edit, stylize and get a lot better results of their photos within the browser, as the website has integrated some nice photo editing tools that base on Flash.

Fotoflexer has been used to power these tools and this startup for photo editing also quite effective to power the features of Photobucket image editing. But it’s not surprising at all as MySpace and Photobucket are owned by the same company.

If you want to access that feature, you need to pick some photo from your photo albums at the site and then click on ‘Customize Photo.’

Now with the help of these new tools, users will be able to edit their images in various ways and they also have the option of red-eye removal, cropping, blemish removal and many other filters for images as well.


It also allows MySpace users to drop bubbles of speech and drag their images for embellishment and virtual stickers. There is a feature that will allow MySpace users for customization of their profiles. It can’t be said revolutionary, but it is full of fun indeed.

If compared to various photo editing features available at Facebook, these MySpace tools definitely have an edge. You may understand why Facebook is not looking keen to relish their users with silly colorizing effects, but some additions like cropping and red-eye correction deserve to be there.