MySpace launches official toolbar for general users

myspace-toolbar-logoTo provide users instant access to their activity notifications at MySpace, the website has released an official toolbar for general public.

This toolbar will let users to have access to their notifications at the site no matter what website they browse on the internet. This browser plugin has been under tests for quite sometime, but only a limited number of MySpace users could access to it. However, it will be available to all MySpace users worldwide from today.

Windows users can use this toolbar for IE and Firebox while Mac users can only on Firefox, as no support for Safari has been provided yet.

With the help of this new toolbar, MySpace users will be able to update as well as keep record of their messages, comments, updates and other alerts. This toolbar also has links to various services of the website with its Google-powered search engine.


Though most of users don’t have time to install some browser toolbar, but no doubt, some MySpace users would definitely like to have friends’ messages and other requests in real time.

During the past some years, many unofficial MySpace toolbars have been launched, but most of them didn’t seem to offer same stability and functionality as can be seen in the official plugins.

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