During the last month, there were reports that MySpace had reached quite near to launch its new webmail service.

Now the social networking site has some nice messaging features that show they have reached quite near to unveil their new service. You Myspace users will be able to send some message to several friends at once.

This feature will work as users to type the names of their friends and an autocomplete window will open that provide the list of available matches.

Though the company hasn’t commented on its plans for webmail service, it has been confirmed by MySpace that the new feature will be launched today. Similarly, it has also offered some other details regarding messaging functionality of the site.

Now you can get an at-a-glance view of your different messages so you can know whether your friends have read them or not. Now you can also attach video files to outgoing messages.

Though the interface of this site is gradually moving towards webmail clients, yet it seems that it’s missing a key feature as users don’t have an email address like name@myspace.com and you get your incoming mail. However, it has been noted that the company has started to move its corporate email addresses.