Ice has been found on Mars and it’s being attributed as a step towards finding clues of life on Mar by NASA scientists.
According to the members of the team, the new images from phoenix lander confirmed scientists that a big patch of ice near the Martin surface had been revealed by the spacecraft’s thrusters.

It’s indeed a good sign for the main objective of the mission of excavating ice that can be studied for indication of organic composites that are counted chemical building blocks of existence.

Ray Arvidson, a scientist at Washington University told that spacecraft’s thrusters might have blown away dust layering the ice while the robot alighted one week back.

A clear image taken under the lander demonstrates that one out of three legs of the craft sits on boorish dirt and a big patch that looks like ice probably 3 feet in diameter and covered by a slight dirt layer.
There is a shovel-like robotic arm attached with the space craft that will dig into the soil and get samples for testing in the small laboratories of lander.

In hopes of discovering frozen water, the lander was launched to explore northern regions on Mars. It is not known how deep underground that frozen water would be found.

After various days of testing, it is expected that the robot arm will soon begin its first digging operation.
The three-month scientific mission is being led by the University of Arizona in Tucson while NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is managing it.

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