New formats for Google search ads

Think of new Google search pages with lot more information and a new modified form for the advertisements given on then. Yes, Google is testing for new formats for the search ads that are being given on the search pages along with the text.

Now, the advertisers will be able to add a lot more and attractive information to their previous ad-boxes with the help of the new formats that Google is introducing. A newspaper in US reported that the testing has been confirmed by Google and it says that Google is not going to replace ads but only will be preparing a system that will test the effectiveness of the advertisements.

Through this new program launched by Google the advertisers can pay Google by bidding on the commission that they get from the sales that takes place on advertiser’s websites, rather giving the payment that they earn when a consumer clicks on that ad.

This program, the ads will be submitted in the same way as they used to before launching this program. The ads are being submitted too the Google base but it has been decided that priority for the placements of these ads will be more.

This program has been named ‘‘beta” specifically the program will emphasis on providing better ads to the customers with full information of the price of the product and the different features of the product.

Source: news.cnet

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