According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, there is no desperate need to raise capital for the company, but they are planning for long term to take the company into public.

He insisted that this investment will provide just serve as a shock absorbing tool for the innovation in the coming times and in the stories about the talks with big companies have nothing new in them.

“If some investment is being made on some good terms, it will definitely be considered, and it will be used only for the reason that it will provide us some more buffers in the coming days,” Zuckerberg says in an interview with the Reuters.

Now people seem to report about some to the rumblings, but these are totally different talks that we have been doing in the past; however, you wouldn’t find anything new in these talks.

It’s just a few years away to have a public floatation, he added, and the goal or endpoint for many companies is IPO.

Source: techradar