Twitter is currently being made available in English and Japanese only but with some new supportive techniques hopefully going to be working for it, making new languages a medium for Twitter. The fresh new languages that are going to be coming for Twitter are French, Italian, German as well as Spanish. With the soaring popularity that Twitter is experiencing worldwide, it has only been anticipated that the rapid spreading of the convention of Twitter is going to be in some of the most used languages of the world.

These European languages are going to be included in the forth coming versions of Twitter facilitating greater number of local followers. These languages, as commonly known through their acronym, FIGS, are going to be introduced due to high level of popular demand for Twitter. There are new sophisticated tools going to be working for Twitter with the translation facilities going to be in place in a jiffy.


People who enjoy Twitter will be thrilled to find in how many local ways they can now reach out to people. Whether it is for marketing or bonding or simply voicing one’s own opinion, multi language exploration is something that every aspect of communication is important in today’s world.

With Google facilitating multi language translation for its searches, Wikipedia offering great many translations in to some of the most uncommon local languages and Facebook facilitating many changes through language translation order, Twitter does not want to lag behind in this level of communication. Twitter is hopefully going to include many more languages other than just the basic European FIGS with the new phase that it is entering.