A new study suggests that many new mobile features are quite perplexing and most of them are leaving users angry and frustrated.

The results of a survey show that nearly 61 percent of mobile users (included in the survey) in the US and UK told that it is as difficult to set up a new handset as to move a bank account.

This survey, from cell phone firm Mformation, also showed that almost 85 percent mobile users reported they were getting frustrated of having a new handset and set it to work.

Nearly 95% people said that they would like to use new services if their mobile phones were easier to set them up.

Matthew Bancroft, an Mformation spokesperson, said that mobile users get frustrated when they have to call some operator or get online help in this connection.

“Modern mobile phones can really do a lot of things, but it is quite saddening that most of the users don’t know how two use these new mobile features,” he added.

Nearly 95% users said that they would use new features if the initial set up for them was made easier.

Bancroft told that usually turned off trying when they had to experience something bad in their efforts to get more from the devices.

“When people find that some application is not working after trying two or three times, they stop using or trying for it again,” he added.

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