New NVIDIA 40XX gaming graphics cards will be released in September 2022

The top model will require a lot of power

The current line of flagship NVIDIA RTX 30XX graphics cards was released in the fall of 2020. But despite this, Ampere series models are still in short supply.

And although it is true, NVIDIA is already preparing to present us a new generation of GPU, which will be called Ada Lovelace.

Now there are fresh leaks in the network, which revealed the RTX 40XX lineup announcement dates, as well as the power consumption of new graphics cards.

The presentation of devices should take place in September this year. As for the target power indicators, they differ from model to model. For example, RTX 4080 will consume only 450W, while RTX 4080 Ti and RTX 4090 will consume 600W and 850W respectively.

Considering that NVIDIA is aiming for double the performance with the new lineup, the rumors sound pretty convincing.

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