New Robot designed to detect Shrapnel

Thanks to the bioengineers of Duke University in North Carolina who have developed a new robot that can locate any tiny and minute pieces of metal within the flesh. The human independent machine also guides a needle to the exact location and accurately tells where the metal is.

The engineers initially started with a tabletop robot that had new 3D ultrasound technology incorporated into its eyes. Then an AI program was developed that takes this 3D information and processes it and moves the intelligent robots arms. For testing purpose the researchers used 2mm pieces of needle link shrapnel that are subject to magnetism.


Then an electromagnet was attached to the robot that caused the needle or the shrapnel to vibrate just enough that the motion of it could be detected.


Thus the coordinates of the shrapnel are noted and the needle is guided to the site of the shrapnel.

Source: techradar

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