New Twitter Video Application for BlackBerry

TwitVid is a new application from Twitter that brings you easy ways to share videos on Twitter. This is quite an interesting application that makes Blackberry App World quite free.

There are easy to witness TwitVid that can be uploaded to and from mobile phones in no time at all! This is an interesting application that makes for releasing Twitter for Mac gets partnered with ImageShack as well as yFrog. There are video recordings that can be integrated with Tweetie in no time at all!


This is a new innovation and can be activated anytime soon! There are a lot of things that are different in Tweetie as well as TwitVid though. However, the applications are at the base quite same. Video recording and uploading at such speed is quite a new thing for Twitter. So now on Twitter you will not just find all talks but also interesting videos to be shared and uploaded in quicker fashion.


 sCredit: appworld.blackberry


Twitter had announced once before about their partnership with Twitter apps through UberTwitter. This is going to be some new addition to Twitterland however with something Twitterific of the Icon Factory.

Source: techcrunch

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