New VAIO E Series, with No-Boot!

Sony VAIO EThe new Sony VAIO, is a very friendly computing experience, it is fun and easy to use. It allows you to gain quick web access with no boot required. It is coming in 15.5” with specially designed new VAIO buttons. It is a compact body and easy to use keyboard in isolation with complete and full size number keys. This gives additional comfort to users. It has a high-Contrast Display, latest Dolby Home Theatre v3 to give a surround sound affect.

It is very stylish, light weight and having many features that you only expect in the bigger notebooks. Its sleek and beautiful look when on the go, or working in office or when lying on the couch. It is not so expensive but gives high power processing speed, stronger graphics, and great new touch buttons, which adds up more value when you feel.

It is a new desire of the laptop users, a compact body but full keyboard, faster working with Intel’s new Core processors of 2010 series. It is speeded up with 3 GB of high speed ram DDR3 and installed with 500 GB of hard drive. Enough space to fill it with your working documents or files.

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