New version of Midi Controller will be a wonder-worker with Guitar Hero

You believe it or not but I have tested it can say with certainty guitar hero is genuine heroic cool instrument .I have seen video in which a band plays PS2 version through a USB and have also heard people talking about wii-mote with bluetooth. But truly speaking, I never liked such an instrument in which computer drags along to make music. I always wanted a self contained instrument and MIDI was the best solution for it that could make me use any synthesizer in the world.




With the current version there is nothing you can’t do. Now just begin your counting and ready to be astonished with each count.

At a time you can play 2 octaves of an 8 note scale

In the range of a regular keyboard you can change starting note where you want
You can change octaves, keys and tonal modes

Resonance of a sound, timbre of a sound can also be changed; a whammy bar can be utilized to be pitched and last but not least you can rock it out with a video game toy.

Now let me tell you about its cost $ 60 for Guitar Hero controller, $ 13 for Freeduino , $10 for different electronic bits, $ 8 for wires/cables and $14 for plexi.

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