Nicaragua energy Problems- Taking Benefit from Wind

Nicaragua will be operating its new windmill power generation project in January. To solve the energy crisis, the country has opted to use the wind source. The windmills will generate 40 megawatts of energy.

It has been quite difficult for Nicaragua to obtain oil based energy as the oil prices are sky high. It became unaffordable for the country to purchase oil as its price raised earlier this year to $147 per barrel.

According to Emilio Rappaccioli, Energy minister, this project has a total cost of $90 billion, which includes the installation of 19 windmills.

They will produce energy to contribute 6 percent of the power requirement. This contribution will help to save $9 million per year as per the current fuel rates.

If a percentage analysis of the present production is done, it will become evident that the whole effort will free the country from oil dependence up to 3 percent only till 2013.

These windmills are 400 foot high, and have been installed by an Indian company Sulzon Energy Ltd situated in Pune. The edge of Lake Nicaragua is the site of installation. These power generating windmills have become a tourists’ attraction too.

Sean Porter, the project’s Canadian manger says that the officials are planning to install 19 more windmills. Arctas Capital Group LP of Houston has also said the same thing, explaining that the project is a primary step towards the production of 40 megawatts.

Nicaragua is also producing geothermal power from volcanoes. Sugarcane based ethanol and river are also used to generate hydropower energy to fulfill its energy requirements.

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