The new Nikon D300S comes with an HD video recording facility that brings about some extraordinary characteristics. These are all about refreshing you idea on variation of successful mid-level DSLR uses. The comparison to D300 is all about 720p HD video record previewing. This is a 7 fps continuation of shooting that can be enjoyed along with Dual CF as well as SD card slots. This refreshed version has been successfully installed with Live View as well as Info button. This is one of the highest recommended cameras within the price budget. It comes at a price of $1799. There are some really good features to be enjoyed and explored through this camera.

This is in fact a great camera to explore one’s creativity and even capture movies. Nikon has its new model coming to open up varied new possibilities as well as make innovative ways of exploring photo capturing as well as moving visual image making. The D300S has HD movie possibility that can make fast and advanced rates of 7fps as well as dual CF plus SD memory. These are different card slots that make it possible to explore different creative ventures. The acclaimed D300S has similar DX-format that brings about 12.3 megapixel CMOS sensors along with professional 51 points on autofocus reliability. This has also commended EXPEED image along with direct processing capabilities. The compact body is quite discrete.

Robert Cristina, the manager for Nikon Europe, has said that the design has created some intense creative generation of the creative image maker for this camera. This is a beautiful companion model that brings all the great skills out of you for making great and intense photography with different creative potentials about video capturing. The DX format has some of the greatest photography coming out of it to take it to different levels. This comes as a really exciting package overall with its ways of lens magnification as well as compact size coming along with the great pricing.

One can easily capture as well as edit HD movies in stereo through this extended DSLR HD movie program. This comes with an external stereo as well as grand sound input! The in-camera movie editing also brings your way an autofocus as well as some wonderful ways to capture shooting movie clips. This brings dedicated new buttons that would make LV alive through switching between stills as well as playback points given to it. This makes your Type C HDMI that credits to HD display with great advancement.

The dual slot of storage media is also great with D300S along with dual storage capabilities coming with it. The camera also brings into record some of the greatest store skills with the movie clips that one can enjoy. The faster shooting quality is totally great!

The 7 frames per second have some of the greatest additional battery features that bring about some of the greatest MB-D10 pack that creates some of the 8fps possibilities coming along with its capturing ergonomics. The groundbreaking camera technologies have some of the greatest Scene Recognition System capabilities along with 1005 pixel RGB color technologies.


 sPhoto by Shadow Hunter


The EXPEED image processing is a way of autofocus brought through accurate delivery as well as auto exposure unit coming with correct white balance control. The EXPEED image is a great delivery system from Nikon’s inventions along with some of the greatest qualities with rich content as well as color, smoothness and exceptional intricacies. This is quite a choice for minimal noise along with flexibility of Nikon’s exclusive programs being made available for any user.