Nintendo DS as an e-book

You have already seen the entry of Sony’s Reader and Amazon’s Kindle in the e-book market and now soon you will see the entry of the Nintendo DS in this arena and it is, indeed, surprising in the term that it’s not new actually in this field.

This DS cartridge will be released on the Boxing Day and it has also been named as 100 Classic Book Collection. Yup your guess may be that it contains one hundred classic books.

Nintendo joined Genius Sonority for developing and HarperCollins as the publisher for the development of its new interface that will allow readers to brush a finger to turn over its electronic pages or move the on the touchscreen and hold the DS in a vertical way just like any other book.

User will find A Tale of Two Cities, Pride and Prejudice and Treasure Island in its first release and similarly some other stuff will also be available for download soon.

Currently the available tools at the DS are just limited to search a story by its length or category and book marking. There are many powerful features available in typical dedicated e-books including making annotations.

The price tag you will at the DS is just £100 that is considerably lower than the £199 price tag of the Sony Reader; however, if Nintendo wants to make it a real success, it will definitely need to offer much more than just Jane Austen or Charles Dickens.

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