Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. introduces the EPORO robotic concept using technology that allows cars to move in the stream by mimicking the behavioral pattern of a school of fish, circling around obstacles and avoiding collisions with each other.

"We in the automotive industry have a lot to learn from the fish in terms of freedom of movement and safety within the school, as well as in terms of the efficiency of movement of the entire school as a whole. In working on EPORO, we reproduced the behavior of a school of fish fully using modern electronic technology," said Toshiyuki Ando, Manager of the Nissan Motion Research Laboratory and Chief Engineer for the project. - By exchanging environmental information with other participants in the movement, multiple EPOROs can move together safely, reconfiguring the group as needed."

The world's first robot car is able to move in a group of its kind, change position and exchange information with other road users using special communication systems.

Nissan is demonstrating this unique technology through a group of six EPORO robots, which will make their first appearance at CEATEC JAPAN 2009 in Tokyo on October 6-10.

The annual Ceatec Japan exhibition is dedicated to the latest electronic and information technology. Nissan is the only automobile company that has been a regular exhibitor at this show since 2006. In addition to its robotic concept EPORO, Nissan will be showcasing new collision avoidance systems installed on its Nissan Skyline Crossover model.