Nissan’s New Robot Cars

Nissan Robot CarsNissan has come up with new robot cars that can go around without even the need of a remote control. The Nissan Motor Co has unveiled their new robot cars with navigation without collision being allowed to take place. The new cars are a good peek into future society which goes around without traffic jams or other control related problems.

These cars have been named EPORO and are rather well equipped communicators that deal with wireless functioning and can even share important positions with the similar group performance without even colliding with one another.

Nissan is all about installing some of the greatest communication technologies of all times through these new car models. The EPOROs are all about standing with Episode O as well as CEATEC Japan 2009 order. The annual information is all about heightening their in house performance activities. The new exhibition would be held at the center of Chiba Prefecture.

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