Finally! The Facabook application on iPhone has been upgraded from 2.0 to 2.1. It has been a long awaited upgrade.

It is said that this upgraded application version will save the application from crashing. Initially the launch of Facebook application 2.0 was acclaimed a lot. But soon, it was discovered that the application failed to work properly.

Facebook is an iPhone specific portal that can be easily accessed from iPhone. It was supposed to be a useful and quick portal, which it did not prove to be. Users were sick and tired of troubles faced from the applications.

Now with the new version out, there are raised hopes that it will solve a lot of problems including the bug resolve. This bug problem made users irritated when they were bound to look at a blank screen with no results.

The 2.1 version has been used by few. According to their reviews this version seems a bit better than the previous version. Yet it cannot be acclaimed as a big success. No doubt, changes have been made to strengthen the application, but there are great amendments required to be done yet.

Within the first minute or a bit more, even the new version forces the user to crash out. Viewing pictures is still a tolerance test.

It is said that rectification of the previous version was a much needed step taken. Yet it is not a complete and perfect achievement. It is hoped that the application is upgraded with a serious effort within a short time.

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