Nokia and Telecom Italia on Signed Agreement

Nokia and Telecom ItaliaNokia and Telecom Italia now come on signed agreement about Nokia Messaging. The recent announcement from this deal has set messaging services in the new way. The customers in Italy are now going to have more of help from Telecom Italia.

Nokia Messaging services have also been pushing on great offers that enable you to send and receive messages through this service. These are really affordable services that will make you happy.

The new offerings also bring about some really incredible features like the MAXXI Mail to every TIM customers. The deal is thus creating some big exploration in telecom marketing.

Customers will also be able to choose from over a GB of storage unit with some of the best email accessing services. This contract is specifically working to bring more services within economical rates. With EUR 4 every month along with VAT, these are services to be well reckoned with.

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