Nokia Booklet 3G

There were a lot of expectations surrounding the launch of the new Nokia 3g booklet. There were also mixed reactions. The booklet is definitely small and is apt for people fancying small computers. It is in fact one of the smallest notebooks available in the market. The weight of this computer is less than three pounds. The length happens to be just about three inches. The computer is quite thin. The screen is covered completely in glossy glass.

The keyboard that is tucked against the screen gives about four inches of palm space. The usual model has a 120 gb ram and an intel atom z530 processor that operates at 1.6 ghz. There is also an sd card slot. The model supports wifi and also includes hdmi outport and 1.3 mega pixel camera. The material is lightweight aluminium and gives a feel of the macbook.It also includes Nokia’s softwares like ovi maps. It also runs windows starter edition. The model available in the market is one of the first and foremost carrier subsidized books. The computer is chic and stylish and scores high among the youth.

The computer scored 2.2 on the windows experience index. This means it stands at the same platform as the old dell. There is a constant debate over the fact the fact that whether a high feature cell phone is as efficient as the book. Some have also gone to the extent of saying that it is nothing but an underpowered laptop. However, there have been critical acclaims as well. It is built with cutting edge technology and has a very upbeat look. It can give a lot of other companies a run for their money.There are also certain problems associated with the Nokia 3g booklet. One major complaint that has been doing the rounds is lag. Since it has too many features, it takes quite a bit of time in starting up and shutting down. The processor cannot render pages at super fast speed. Thus you will have to wait a bit to get what you want. But all this is because of the numerous functionalities that the notebook is endowed with. The web service in particular is a bit slow.

The battery is super powered. It literally lasts for hours on an end. You can watch four movies at a stretch and this notebook will not let you down. It lasts for more than 12 hours. That is definitely quite a lot. The notebook has received mixed reactions. It is produced by one of the most famous cell phone makers of the world – Nokia. Its utility might be questionable but it is sure to create a hue among tech enthusiasts.

There is a huge market for subsidized notebooks. It can definitely conquer that market given the numerous features it has and its battery strength. It wil give blackberries a tough competition. Other manufacturers are sure to face a tough ride once this notebook grabs the market. It does cater to the general user as its functionalities are pretty simple. It is very user friendly. There may also be certain types of people who have special needs for these types of laptops. They will also benefit from this.


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The notebook has just recently been launched and has already grabbed a lot of eyeballs. We can just wait and watch what kind of impact it has on the market with time. Whatever the outcome be, it is sure to be hugely popular because of its portability, lightweight and small size.

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