Nokia Comes with N97 Mini Exposed Netbook

Nokia N97 MiniNokia’s N97 Mini exposed official netbook has been released after the longstanding wait. The confirmation from Nokia has come for the N97 Mini and this looks neat enough to have it released by September.

Its marketing ploys are coming to be on the same vein as that of the N900 and its signals and stages of release has been with Nokia World, as stated. The release would be happening in the Nokia World in the coming year and is bound to create an imminent minimum exposure and influence in the market.

The Nokia N97 has not yet had a good fan base and the official declarations have not impressing many so far either! It seemed, to many, that the shrunk screen, the dropped D-pad, etc have all been about not giving it a proper N97 look.

 SCredit: engadgetmobile

Many have reported about the keyboard being not too responsive either.

Source: techradar

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