Nokia Wireless Power DeliveryWon’t it be good if our mobile phones are not dependant on electric chargers to get them charged up? Nokia is working on this in developing wireless power delivery which means the mobile phones will draw power from the air and get charged up.

The research has started in the research HQ in UK and the company is sure of coming up with something exiting in the next few years. The principle to this is quite similar to that of RFID tags that is used in travel cards which draws its power from the nearby reader/writer terminals wirelessly.

Nokia has followed the same technology where its prototype mobile phones will draw power from the electromagnetic waves in the air and get them charged up with out need of any wire and electricity. Currently the company has managed to get mobile pull 5mW of power but feels it is not sufficient. Nokia also said in a couple of years it will develop phones that can draw up to 50mW.

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