Nokia gets a healthy lead in the mobile phone sales charts

Despite economic tensions throughout the year, Nokia still manages to get a healthy lead in the mobile phone sales charts. On the other hand, Motorola has lost almost a third of its market share.

Research Company IDC has published these figures that are based on market sales performance in the 3rd quarter of this year in a comparison with the same period last year.

The other players in the cell phone market did well, as Samsung and LG powering ahead .Similarly, Sony Ericsson has been hammered by others players in mobile phone sales in some markets, but it still manages to remain in fourth place with 0.8decrease in its market share.

But for Moto, it’s, indeed, quite worrisome time that lost 31.7 percent of its share during the last year that is now just down to 12.7 percent.

There are several reasons behind that fall: The fact is that Motorola fails to come up with a handset as good as RAZR.

How can we forget iPhone? It has helped Apple tag two per cent of the market in the pervious year or so?

However, the Nokia again succeeded to overtake all with its global Q3 market share of 39.4 percent and shrugged off the economic slowdown worldwide.

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