Nokia joins forces with New Alliance to establish mobile services joint venture in China

Nokia join the largest country of the world for their customer. Nokia has joined with New Alliance which is an investment company and also the part of the Shanghai Alliance Investment Ltd at Beijing, China.

The joint venture company provides range of mobile services in China and also helps the local developer ecosystem. This company was created due to 50/50 partnership. This is why it is called the Nokia Alliance Internet Services Company Limited. Now in 09 December 2009 is the first step of Joint Venture Company but they start their business in January, 2010.

“China is the world’s largest mobile and internet market” this was called by Niklas Savander who was the Executive Vice President of Services of Nokia in the time of opening of this company. This first step of Nokia to entering the services of business in China is join the joint venture company so that this company help Nokia to bring locally relevant mobile services to Chinese consumers.

Mr. Savander said at this moment “Joining forces with New Alliance gives us the right platform and expertise to offer a suite of selected Nokia Obi services – as well as work with local content developers to help bring their applications to market,”

Mr. Qu Liefeng from the other hand of the Alliance Company addresses these comments for this moment. “We are very delighted to form this venture company with Nokia. This company provides lot of wealth of knowledge and experience. We are providing fully plate form to develop the next level of mobile content and services in China.”

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