Nokia Jucu factory in Romania has been nominated to be one of the greatest ecologically sustained buildings of the world. It enjoys LEED Gold certification being one of the leading office buildings in whole of Romania. It has also been chosen to be one of the premiere leaders about green car designing with the same kind of construction being chosen as one of the most prestigious Gold Rating for Leadership with Energy and Environment Design or LEED. It also has some of the most intensive environmental features that have been brought from Nokia with its constructions and special features since 2007.

The USGBG certification comes with some of the new set up standards with some of the leading other ecologically conscious buildings of the world. The Gold Rating has been confirmed by the US Green Building Council or USGBC as one of the prestigious leaders in Energy and Environment Design or LEED with great campus ratings as well as LEED Gold Certification for 2008.

The creative features of this building lead the way to sustainable operations coming forth through the pricing and picking of Romania’s greatest office buildings. The most sustainable of all these features have been made possible due to commitment to long lasting passion and investment to sustainability. This is quite the right kind of environment with the quality of their daily businesses.