Nokia N 900 – Gets Second Update in one week.

Nokia N 900 has received updating in a week. This has literally surprised all its customers. The first update allowed the access to company’s OVI store.

Which was much needed too? The second update has improved the software solving its own problems which persisted. The speeding up of updates confirm that the software companies are facing tough competition from other like products. All are striving for visible lead in the market.

Swiss Keymat has been incorporated that will allow combination of three languages for the multi lingual users. This will carry a longtime advantage in the Swiss market.

Another important fact projected in Mail for Exchange, will be operated on popular Exchange series 2003. However network operator 3 and SIM cards will remain compatible with the device.

More in the pipeline

The OVI Maps are updated further by improving search facilities. A new facility is underway that will help facilitate route calculations also for simplicity.

The small handphone Nokia N900 is a small screen gadget to look at, but the important and novice services and new products it is introducing are far bigger and multipurpose for users every where in the world.

The new update will reach you speedily if not already through.


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