Nokia NSeries Integrated With Skype

Nokia has announced its partnership with Skype enabling users to make free Skype-to-Skype voice calls. This partnership effects will begin with N97 smartphones. The partnership has been pronounced at Mobile World Congress.

Skype will be providing complete integration to Nokia sets in phone’s contact list. This integration will enable users to see their Skype contacts are online or not.

A Skype call will be initiated using either of the networks: WiFi or 3G. The callers will be le to call a mobile, land line or a Skype user.

The partnership is more than a pleasure for Skype. Chief Operating Officer Skype, Scott Durchslag said, “Making Skype available everywhere through mobile devices is essential to fulfilling our vision of ‘enabling the world’s conversations’.

Skype on Nokia Smartphones

Vice President, Nokia N-series, Jose-Luis Martinez said, “With more than 400 million Skype users worldwide, the integration of Skype on Nokia N-series mobile computers is a significant step in bringing converged Internet experiences from the desktop to the world’s most advanced mobile computer.”

Previously it was speculated that Nokia and Facebook will integrate. But with the news of integration between Nokia and Skype, the market is stunned.

In the 3rd quarter of 2009, this integration will be available for users through firmware update. It will not come as a downloadable application, but will only come in the upcoming N series, also through firmware.

In the times of world over financial recession, offering free calls is a daring step. Every other manufacturer/ business entity is coming up with products heavily loaded with tools and gadgets. Still, none has come up with any free offerings.

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