GPS Navigation

GPS NavigationNokia has announced a new unique facility for it uses at the Espoo, Finland. The details released are about new version of Ovi Maps for Smartphones. Nokia intends to provide free pedestrian and car navigation system to all mobile users worldwide. The facility is available and can be downloaded at The tremendous innovation will feature a turn-by-turn Voice guidance for 74 countries and in 46 languages. The traffic information will be initiated in 10 countries and detailed maps will be available for more than 180 countries.

The Worldwide availability of free mobile navigation will change user graphs everywhere. The navigation solutions will be a big incentive for market which might double in the near future. Nokia is the only company in the world that has initiated a very beneficial free service on navigation and map facilities. The auto navigators previously provided maps at cost for each country. Nokia is proud on these technological advancements offering the functions and features that are the need of the day.

The research firms have analyzed that GPS Navigation was so far used by our 25 million people. Nokia already has Smartphone user around 50 million. Therefore Nokia can rightly expect to double its clientage soon. They did the hard work took a very bold step of sharing benefits with users through free service and will benefit in a  big way through increased customers worldwide.

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