The Nokia N900 is out there to prove that the Symbian has failed in its work. The Maemo 5 is something that should have been used a long time back and bring about a whole new PC experience. The Symbian is not up for any task anymore as admitted.

The latest technology from Nokia keeps the Symbian OS redundant with the foundational launch leading to a new form of OS. The focus of the new system turns out well even with just something totally opposite going on in its place. OS was about to become the whole point for Finn when Nokia kept plugging away from Symbian mid-ranges. OS and Nokia will now be looking into Linux based Maemo while Samsung is coming to be the leading edge developer for this system.


The functions that were valued by Symbian through Firefox based mobile browsing system, has greatly increased as well. It went on to become a high end support bringing in a progressive hardware and more ways to utilize internet browsing in a fast and efficient way.


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Symbian with its S60 release segment did not even gain much favor in people’s eyes. Though it was quite a powerful platform for making people get rooted to smartphones. But this turned out to be a pretty bug-filled handset that did not get to be of much use to most. The N95 and N96 also turned out to be some of the highly infected Nokia phones at certain point.

Source: techradar