Nokia’s notification for N95-3 Software update

Specifics still a mystery
Where did you hear about it?

It was a notification from the Nokia Software Update crew that Nokia’s N95 US version which is also named as the N95-3 would soon get new software update.

What was in that notification?

Nokia knows what people want for their N95-3 in the U.S. We have been, frequently, hearing about their demands for new software release. And we can’t ignore these demands. Our team is working to develop new software instantly and it will be accessible during next month (June).

What about its features?

About features only Nokia can tell, as we have not been told any thing about its features but not to worry “Early June “is looking far but not in actual. Soon you will know what new it has in itself. All I can say about features; hope for the best.

What do the users say?

Some users believe that it’s quite disappointing and irritating to buy a brand-new phone and immediately go for an annoying software update process. Nokia’s factual competitor in the U.S. phone market is Apple and it (Apple) never puts its users in such difficulties. But no doubt N95 is a higher product in many aspects and Nokia’s enhancement in services in the U.S can be very handy particularly when its competitor Apple is providing quick and excellent services.

How do you perceive that announcement?

N95-3 FW is considered one of the most solid FWs in a Nokia device and it is really impressive that Nokia is further developing the function of that device and even without charging any amount. The announcement is really exciting and people are anxiously waiting for it. But at the same time Nokia’s current Software update procedure is somewhat awkward and complex and Nokia must try to make its FW update process easier for its users. Nokia will have to address these FW-related issues to be a vital competitor in this appealing U.S. cellphone market.

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