Nokia Shedding 1,700 More Employees

nokia_logoIt has been known that Nokia is about to layoff a portion of almost 1,700 employees as its cost cutting remedy. The said remedy has to be done as there is a need to cope with a fall in demand for mobile phones, lessening their sale and profit generation.

Most of these 1,700 are thought to come from the UK belonging to several of Nokia’s divisions.

The job cut down number in the UK are still undisclosed. It is told that the divisions which will see the slash down of work force will include highly efficient sales and marketing, most active research and development, and corporate offices.

All these divisions have proved themselves as highly progressive and profit generating in the past.

Nokia’s spoke person told that the company plans to scale sales, marketing and technology management to cope with the cut back portfolio and worldwide consumer demands. With the information of a large number of cut downs to undergo, it is known that Finland will have more numbers than the US and UK.


Moreover, it has also been learnt that Nokia has offered voluntary diffusion to employees. The offer has been made to 1,000 Nokia employees, and the company has already received hundreds of applications.


The recent job cuts are part of cost cutting plan by €700m i.e. £647m. Previously Nokia had announced 600 jobs cut down in November. In January Nokia also showed its concern for the mobile phone market all over the world to shrink by 10% this year.

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