Skyfire mobile browser at CTIA is not that bad a proposition to lay your hands on. It impresses on different modes but can engage u for maximum period on its Sprint HTC Mogul. The application has many facets and can at times be treated as panacea to all the problems that plagued web browsing beforehand. This application offers just about all the features you need to access “Web 2.0″ sites, like dynamic Flash, advanced Ajax, and Java. The only limitation that one can face is that of size and resolution. When in world, when one is going for clarity and clearer resolution, this can be a real pull back but the limitation can be done away as there are many pluses that it incorporates.

On a comparison with Internet Explorer Mobile, Skyfire scores any day as it’s going to have to be able to do things the default Windows Mobile browser can’t. Something which just fascinates you to upload this as Youtube savvies can have a field day on this browsing option. Skyfire acts by and large like the iPhone browser. When you open a site, what you see is it shrunk down to fit on your smartphone’s display, this jus puts the ball rolling and you can then tap on the screen to zoom in on sections of the page as per your wish. More importantly, the biggest doubt will also be cleared that the Youtube is displayed in its full version and not in its stripped version. Skyfire passes another of its test with flying colours, that is the performance of its contours while putting its graphic to real challenge, so on Google maps and on that front also it is very identical to the one we get to see on our desktop screens. Skyfire offers all kinds of advanced features, but the basic ones haven’t been forgotten. It has a full-screen mode, for example, and you can store cookies and bookmarks. It’s even possible to bookmark a specific location on a web page.

It also works on all the versions of Windows Mobile 5 and 6, which incorporates devices with a touchscreen and those without the touch. When Skyfire is being used without a stylus, you control an on-screen pointer with the D-pad.

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