Novogo A70 Satellite Navigation System

novogo-logoNovogo A70 Satellite Navigation System redefines your road navigation experience. It has improved integrated components and parts that do then job well.

Compact size and dimension of 115mm, 103mm, 34 mm and weight of 250 grams allows you to store the unit in the available space. It accompanies you on the road and guides you through your travelling on strange roads.

Better management of the unit is made possible with the provided TFT monitor. You can reap the benefit of touch screen too. The overall size of the screen is 3.5” and supports a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. Internal speakers are included which becomes useful for voice instructions. Microphone is the audio input featured in the unit.

Technical Details

This automotive unit has 20 channels for the GPS receiver. Novogo A70 Satellite Navigation System comes with SiRF Star III GPS receiver for better reception of signals.


USB offers unhindered connectivity making the unit efficient. Built in MMCX antenna captures signals necessary for the navigational details.

It is provided with a 3.5 mm headphones too. Speed limit options warn you beforehand with regard to the speed zone of that particular area. This saves a lot of money which may have gone in the form of fine.

SD card is the memory allotted in the unit which can be removed for flexibility in the operation. As mentioned above the LCD display becomes very useful for functions like avoiding toll roads, avoiding ferry’s, fast/short route, least use of motorways.


It is equipped with a powerful Lithium ion battery that runs for 6 long hours. Along with Novogo A70 Sat Nav System you are entitled to Car power adapter, SD Card, USB cable, vehicle mount, stylus and docking station. The maps of North America, Europe are pre installed in the unit. Thus you can roam around Europe without any difficulties or any fear.


In short you are provided customer friendly operations with this Novogo Satellite Navigation System. You get to enjoy effective street navigations with this unit.

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