Nvidia and IBM decided to put solid-state drives right in video cards

Big Accelerator Memory (BaM) technology, which allows for faster access to large data sets by placing solid-state drives (SSDs) directly in the video card, suggested researchers from Nvidia and IBM, as well as Cornell University, March 16 reports the American online edition of computer technology Tom's Hardware.

Big Accelerator Memory
Big Accelerator Memory(image credits Nvidia)


March 15, Microsoft has released a library that implements DirectStorage technology for fast transfer of data from an SSD attached to the interface NVMe, directly to the graphics card, bypassing the CPU, the operating system for Windows.

This technology solves the same problem as BaM, but without making changes to the hardware, and has its own costs. In particular, the library from Microsoft is proprietary. In addition, the approach implemented by BaM is aimed at a different market segment, it allows to get even faster access to data on SSDs and implement additional functions.


 In particular, BaM allows you to very quickly retrieve small portions of data from huge structures placed on this type of memory expansion of the graphics gas pedal. In this case, as in the case of DirectStorage, the central processor is not involved.

According to the developers, BaM will be used not for computer games, as DirectStorage, but to accelerate the systems of artificial intelligence and high-performance computing. The SSD placed on the graphics gas pedal will become one more level of memory for the device.


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