NVIDIA launches Restocked Reloaded campaign to improve graphics card availability

The situation with graphics cards today is definitely improving to the point where NVIDIA and its hardware partners have launched a "Restocked & Reloaded" campaign for the GeForce RTX 30 series.

What does this really mean? According to NVIDIA, "GeForce RTX series graphics cards are now available!" Several SKUs are indeed back in stock, and at prices that are closer to the manufacturer's recommended retail price than they have been for a very long time.

However, that's not all the positives of this news. If you're looking for a Founders Edition model, you probably won't find one. The same goes for some out-of-the-box models. But wait just a little while and that may change as this campaign expands more and more.

You can visit the NVIDIA Restocked & Reloaded page to find purchase links for every GeForce RTX 30 series model (or, if you're only interested in EVGA models, go to EVGA's inventory page).

Keep in mind that models with custom cooling and factory overclocking often have a higher manufacturer's recommended retail price than NVIDIA Founders Edition models. However, if you compare prices to equivalents, the total cost is higher because these recommended retail prices have not fluctuated, and they provide a basis for comparing total cost.

The overall conclusion from this news is that the current GPU situation is the best in a very long time. There is still room for further price cuts and improved availability, but at least gamers have better options than paying exorbitant prices to resellers.

Also keep in mind that Intel will release its first Arc Alchemist desktop graphics cards later this year, and depending on how things go, that could put pressure on AMD and NVIDIA to lower prices. Similarly, Ada Lovelace (NVIDIA) and RDNA 3 (AMD) launches are looming.

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