Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti release delayed

At the beginning of 21 years, while working on the new product from Nvidia - RTX 3090 RTX, which was supposed to go on sale by the end of January, there was a problem with the video memory GDDR6X, so it was decided to postpone its market launch.

Video buffer GeForce RTX 3090 is represented by 24 gigabytes GDDRX6, however, in contrast to the GeForce 3090 - in the novelty used two gigabyte chips with an effective frequency of 21 GHz.

Nvidia - RTX 3090 RTX Image credit: Nvidia

It is reported that during the final stages of internal testing Nvidia found video memory errors in some situations. Immediately after that it was decided to suspend the release of the novelty, which was reported to the AIB partners. It was expected that GeForce 3090 Ti would be back on the conveyor only after the Chinese New Year, but now it is known that the release of novelties postponed again, this time due to design issues.


According to some information, Nvidia did not take into account some design features of the product. What exactly the mistakes were made - it is not reported. However, some experts believe that the problems, most likely, arose with a high level of thermal design graphics card.


The release will be postponed for an indefinite time. Probably, the release of GeForce 3090 Ti will be held with the start of sales of next generation graphics cards, which should be on sale in the second half of 2022. It is worth assuming that Nvidia can refuse this graphics card at all, because its price will be about $ 5000, as well as the company planned to release a limited edition of GeForce 3090 Ti.

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