Nvidia unveils its 09 netbook plans

There were rumors about Nvidia’s new plans for stepping into the gorgeous netbook market during 09.

Nvidia’s Vice President, Rene Hass has said in an interview that: “We are considering developing a new platform that can attach to the Atom.”

Earlier it was reported that Nvidia was planning to substitute its well-known three chip design with a new two chip combo of the Atom and 9400M Geforce.”

“When the Geforce 9400M is combined with the Atom, there is, indeed, an interesting platform that makes a nice PC with full functionality,” Hass added.

It is exciting to note that Hass has claimed that the new combination of the Atom and the Geforce 9400M will help developing applications to put full streaming of HD videos workable on some netbook.

“Form factor, lightness and other such things are cool, but people want something that can really boost users’ experience,” Hass stated.

According to Nvidia, people who look for downloading HD video content from iTunes, and similarly those who want to stream videos, who use Photoshop and those who transcode videos.”

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