O2 to offer free iPhone on cheaper contracts

Well, as most of us were expecting, O2 is going to offer free iPhone on cheaper but lengthy 24 months contracts. So, if you want to enjoy every bit of your new iPhone, you need to bind yourself for a two year contract.

There are rumors that O2 has started to lower handset cost for shifting stock due to strong speculation about the new iPhone. It seems that O2 is considering tying users for long times to get free iPhone or on quite affordable deals.

8GB iPhone 3G lovers can now make the most of this deal in just £34.26/month contract and they wouldn’t have to pay even a single penny on some long-term deal.

And those who reckon 16GB according to their style, they will have to spend £44.05/month to enjoy it huge storage.

Previously, most of O2 customers have been making the most of a £75 per month deal for 16GB handset without paying anything for it and it has also been offered £57.74 with an 18-month contract. I

“The new two year tariff option is the best option for those customers who want to add some real value by committing to a deal that is longer a bit,” says Peter Rampling, O2 UK Marketing Director.

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