Win an N900

There is a brand new opportunity to win an N900 with the new Offline program being lead from the house of Nokia. This is a rather generous campaign with a fun twist coming round to it.

This is all about a lot of fun and the idea of it revolves around with the new program being sent your way through the video ad. It is all about a luckless chap who is not really paying much attention to the information being processes.

But then it highlights the use of Nokia to keep him informed with the real story behind it. The offline story is all about staying ahead with the world via your phone even if you don’t really have to be online most of the time. Submitting your own story on what you could be missing out for not having the Nokia N900 in your life would really be the crux in the manner of getting you to win this advanced phone. This is another chance which no one should miss and the winning story would be going over to the next video ad idea for the N900 campaign.

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