The founder of the OLPC Foundation has revealed that price cuts in OLPC laptop are quite imminent, so we can expect that the self-styled $100 laptop, which became the cause to spawn the current well-known generation of netbook PCs, is near to achieve its targeted price.

According to OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte, the foundation is planning to cut the prices of its laptop from previous $204 to the current $180. According to Negroponte, it is not yet to their desired $100 mark, but he is quite hopeful to reach there soon.

These price cuts are expected after the recovery of the US dollar from its recent drop, as the raw materials have become somewhat cheaper to purchase different Asian sources that develop things for the OLPC laptops.

The details of OLPC coming version have also been provided by Negroponte that is, as he describes, a dual screen version and has a virtual keyboard.

He is quite hopeful that this new version will be sold in $75 and he also said that he is determine to provide free internet access to those kids who will use their machines in many developing countries of the world.