One billionth mouse: Logitech hits landmark

Swiss device maker Logitech says that it has shipped one billion computer mouse at the time when its 40th birthday is near.

Logitech is quite well-known as a nice peripheral maker and the company took a start in 1981 in Switzerland under the brilliant name Apples. The company launched its first mouse in 1985.

Logitech took 15 years to cross the hundred million mark and new figures seem quite impressive considering it just took another six year to reach five million mark.

Now the company ships its peripherals in 100 countries and produces almost 376,000 mice per day on average basis that comes to 8m per month.

Gerald P. Quindlen, President and CEO of Logitech, says in this connection: “Logitech P4 mouse was first launched in 1982, and since that very time it different mice have been playing quite an important role to evolve personal computer.”

“In the past few decades, a dramatic change is being observed in the ways people are using their computers, as it was just a business tool in the past and now it is sneaking in our daily routine.

Logitech has always been trying to meet the demands of these changing times by introducing new technologies to provide you a nice experience in this connection.”

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