Online catch-up services didn’t affect the traditional broadcast audience immensely, a survey report suggests.


A survey conducted by TV marketing body Thinkbox suggests that the surge of online catch-up services didn’t affect the traditional broadcast audience immensely.


The survey report concludes that besides broadband TV services, the traditional broadcast services are also growing with the same pace.

A spokesperson for Thinkbox said, “Broadcast as well as online TV platforms are growing at the same time; their growth greatly depends how they fulfill the needs for their viewers and they can also help to promote each other.”


Because of their on-demand nature many broadband TV services like the iPlayer, 4oD,, Demand Five and the Sky Player are gaining popularity these days and many advertisers are trying to convert this popularity into profits.
The survey revealed that in UK, viewers spent an average 3.77 hours a day watching broadcast TV during the first six months of the year. This shows an increase of almost two percent in the five-year average for the same period.

It was also noticed that during the first half of the year there was six percent increase in TV ads viewership compared to the same period last year.

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