This year, physical media seemed to a little bit good and particularly with the Woolworth’s decline and VHS purchases it could be gathered that there were only few retail chains to buy DVDs and CDs.

According to the research firm Gartner, the time has come when the music recorders will have to more focus on downloads than on CDs.

Mark McGuire, who is an analyst at Gartner, says in this connection, “To survive in this competitive setting, different music labels will have to adopt a strategy of ‘digital first’, as some big labels didn’t succeed in stopping piracy as well as getting nice business in their CD businesses.”

If these different music labels release their new stuff through digital services instead of just focusing on CDs, they have higher chances to achieve the desired results.

“The industry is practicing old promotional and marketing strategies that focus mainly on the launch of CDs and this practice is somewhat difficult to give up,

“But it is a fact that a large of immigrants and digital natives are looking for easier ways and great choices. However, it can’t be that physical CDs would totally wipe out from the scene,” he added

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