Sony Ericson X10

Sony Ericson X10A hint has been given to Techradar by Orange about the release of up coming Sony Ericson X10 Android device.

The orange new phone is very much similar to HTC Hero in graphite and colour. It also comes to know about the storage of phone in UK. After confirming the plan of Orange about selling Xperia X10 in the UK, response is given in such a way that for now there is no officially date or price announced as the consumers demand the best multimedia device and looking for it in the market.

Here is a rumored about the launching of Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 in March or April that is a launching date of Sony Ericsson Vivaz in Uk.

In 2009, Orange has a great period of selling high end device like the iPhone 3GS, the LG watchphone, the Samsung i8910HD and the HTC Hero, and it gives hint that Orange is looking to pick up the new Xperia X10.

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