Ordinary AA Batteries go to hell, The USBCELL very well!

AA batteries have been serving for a very long time in portable devices but as they say that there is a fact behind every fact and this is the fact of life, one such fact is also attached to the life of these ordinary AA batteries as they never prove dependable and reliable in a longer run.They often act like a turncoat when you are in the middle of something very important.In such situations you do nothing but waste your time while running here and there in a hunt for more ordinary AA batteries.

Moxia Energy introduces the USBCELL to save you from trouble and unwanted search and provide you a practical solution to avoid unease and problems while you are in the middle of something important.

Rechargeable batteries may prove helpful in this connection but their charger put you in same sort of hunt and trouble as AA batteries especially when you forget where you have placed the charger.


Contrary to this, as it is quite obvious from its name The USBCELL can be easily placed and charged in any USB port near you.

Merits of the USBCELL

Apparently, The USBCELL looks a great idea but it would disappoint the users if its battery doesn’t perform as desired by the consumers.
It has been tested and compared to other traditional alkaline cells in different devices and it has proved its durability and longevity in each test and in each case it was an outright victor.

It can be charged with USB slot as well as with Ni-MH charger.

Some demerits of the USBCELL

Usually in home computers USB slots are found on the back side and there is not enough space because of other slots and cables to put more than one USBCELL in them.If there are some USB Slots in front side of your computer, its well otherwise Ni-MH charger is available in the market but as it has been mentioned earlier that ordinary AA batteries and chargers propel you towards unwanted search and unease.

Another demerit is that its charging is quite time consuming. It takes 5hrs via USB while 7hrs via Ni-MH charger.

The other big issue is its price and it is possible there would be long grouse about its price. Cost of pair is 10.99 pounds and in this price one can buy a full lot of other available cheap disposable batteries.


Presently it is available in AA size but Moxia is willing to launch it in somemore sizes.It is of 1.2v, 1300mAHNi-MH.Its charge time via USB 5 hours while 7hours via Ni-MH charger.It also has a LED charging indicator.

The USBCELL in a nutshell

It is true that the USBCELLS are quite expensive but they are not more expensive than your precious time and comfort.Other cheap batteries you have to buy again and again while the USB cells have been designed to provide you a practical and easy way to get rid of those troubles that hamper your way while you are in the middle of something very important. Durability and longevity are to essential part of the USBCELL.

Now its time to say goodbye to the ordinary AA cells as there are the USBCELLS

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