Twitter Messages

A recent study has said that even though English is the global language used for most social networking sites there are more interactions going on among people in their local language in these places. The recent Twitter statistics study show that only about 50% of the messages and updates are in English which there are all other languages of the world taking various slots in Twitter update frequent conversation usage. The later follow ups are in Japanese, Portuguese, Malay and Spanish.

Even though these are not used as widely as English there are plenty of interactions going on in different languages, in different levels. The high range of social interaction going through Twitter encourages it to be accepted and played through in different languages around the globe. Paris based Semiocast, has helped to explain Twitter’s statistics and ways of interacting with the rest of the world. Under the recent statistics they have conducted about language usage in Twitter, this revelation has come to match the high rate of global interaction that keeps taking place through different layers of social networking places. This analysis was based on 2.8 million tweets, revealing this astonishing result.

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